Monday, April 25, 2005

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Finley's first birthday is almost upon us

In just one year we have nurtured a little boy from a bean. He can feed himself (using his 6 teeth), wander the house by himself, he can turn the pages of books by himself, he can push his toy car around and park it under the TV cabinet for safe keeping and check back on it later to make sure it's still safely parked and all kinds of stuff, but best of all he can laugh in a way that makes the crappiness of any day disappear. I truly never knew you could love someone so much until he was born.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Finn's sleep patterns have been pretty consistent and we are happy about that.
He wakes up at 7am, takes a nap at around 11am and will occasionally take a 2nd nap but this is becoming a thing of the past. He then goes to bed at around 7:30. He does tend to wake at least once during the night to "feed" but J is trying hard to ween him. However the fastest way to get him back to sleep is to give him the boob so it's hard for her to ween. Anyway I thought I should post this info as a kind of recognition and appreciation after reading about poor Ben and his wife.

Tricks of the Trade

This site is choc-full-o useful info. Fascinating. Now if I can just remember these things when they would come in handy.

How to Forward Gmail to Your Phone

Linked from Lifehacker.

Punk Rock Baby in Seattle

These are two punk rock oriented baby stores in Seattle. Pop Tots in Ravenna and Bootyland in Capitol Hill They both have very cool stuff.
For more on the punk parenting scene in Seattle, check out this article.

Satellite Image of Our House

Google maps is amazing! Check out the ZOOM feature.


It's been almost three weeks now and I still have this bug. It started out a flu thing and has now morphed into bronchitis. I'm taking antibiotics now, but I still feel like poop. Man this is the weakest I've felt in ages. Ugh!