Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Mathilde pictures

She's getting so big. She's a month old now and probably around 12 pounds. It's mostly in her cheeks. Anyway, she's freak'n huge!

Check out my boy's rhythm and style

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stumbled upon this while surfing. I had a good laugh.

The one thing you may not already know

My first day back from baby leave, my boss laid me off. He cited finacial burdens and a desire to replace myself and his secretary with one person to do it all for less money.

To say the least I was floored. I wave of emotions washed over me. Most of all I was angry for how he handled it and for dedicating so much of myself to the sucess of his office. But I'm over it now and am contracting for the short term and am scouting for another gig. Maybe I'll switch gears. Less legal and more technical application of software and document management. All depends on what's out there for me.


Boy how soon we forget. New babies are tough. Add a three year old who is always wanting to "do something" and lack of sleep and bip, bop your ass gets kicked every day. We have the tools to make it work (most of the time) but Jinnah and I are both short on patience and big on stress.

Finn suprises me everyday with his big brother skills. When ever he checks out Mathilde he says, "She's sooo doot." or "She's sooo a-door-bull."

We are pretty sure Mathilde is going to keep her sparkly blue eyes. Wow.