Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy 2007

Christmas was a blast! It was all about FInn and he really got into it this year. Some of the things he got were a handmade cape from his grandma, a robot dog, a rescue play set complete with boat and helicopter, a doodle pad, a remote control car, a talking Buzz Lightyear figure, new Buzz PJs, wooden building blocks, and a new house! We spent some time on Christmas Eve with our friends and "old neigbors" the Bellers. Eric and Maria's son Jake is just a little guy but is full of personality and happiness. Finn had a great time. Then on Chirstmas night we had dinner at our friend Heather and Brandon's. They have two girls Olivia and Ella that Finn spends a ton of time with and has grown to be best buds with. I had lots of wine and some of the best pork tenderloin in town. Also Brandon's mom made the best scalloped potatos ever. Full of yummy fat and flavor! Don't get me started on all the cookies we've eaten. But that's all over with now and we are ready to get healthy!

Well we anticipate this being a big year! We moved into our new home on December 29th and it has been a whirlwind since then. The move could have gone better but they hardly ever go well. But we love our new home. It's our very first home purchase and we couldn't be happier. It has three bedrooms and a wonderful master bath with TWO sinks. The three bedrooms will come in handy since we are expecting our second child in May 2007. We found out a week ago that we are having a GIRL! There is a severe shortage of girls in the McFadden clan so we are very happy about that. There is plenty of time to come up with a name before then.

Finn is doing well and loves his new house. He loves to tell people he meets about it. And when he actually gets a chance to show people his new room with his new (twin) bed he really lights up. His personality has really grown to be a caring and funloving child. He loves to dance and be happy as well as asking questions about why people do this, that and the other thing. But he is also getting really good at pushing our buttons too. Oh yeah, we've had some good times lately.

Here are some pictures of Finn from this holiday season.