Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Finn's favorite restaurant (this week)

Blue C Sushi in the U-Village. He calls it "Dushi" and he is very serious about it. Of course we don't give him the raw stuff, outside of that there are plenty of delicious options for him. I gave him some unagi (eel) and he LOVED it. Honestly it's not the best sushi (not the worst either), but the food is fast and the atmosphere is vibrant and fun.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Last weekend the family hopped on the No.7 Metro bus from our house to downtown. Finn has really been interested in buses recently, so we thought he'd enjoy an actual ride on one. We almost missed the bus, but we ran to catch it. Finn was in the stroller, so that was fun for him. Then we got on and of course there was the obligatory stinky guy sitting close by and the pods of little, old Asian women with their bags of groceries. Finn was pretty intrigued with all the non-English speaking. Although there was a tense moment when one of the asia ladies practically sat ontop of an old white guy that had the whole row of seats to himself. He propmtly asked her to remove her ass from his lap and she did, but afterwards you could cut the tension with a knife, or with a song, which is why I broke into "My milkshake." Good times.

So we took the bus downtown and walked around Pike Place Market. One of the best places to people watch in the world.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finn's Birthday Song

Finn turned 2 on May 4th and we all had a good day together. Finn got really into his new train table and the fact that it was his day. Check out this clip of him singing and being the happy little boy he is.