Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back Home

We got back from Hawaii last week and were welcomed home to Seattle and its winter weather. It was so cold when we got off the plane. Not really, but it definitly wasn't appropriate to wear shorts anymore. So we threw on our fleece and picked up our incredibly heavy luggage and went home. Finn finally got to bed at about 1am. The trip to Hawaii was a great sucess. Finn got to meet and bond with his grandmother, aunt and three of his cousins. he really enjoyed the visit to Oahu and when we got to Maui he was really missing them. But we had lots of fun in Maui too. The beaches there were great and the sites were fun. I haven't been that relaxed in a long time. Vacationing with Finn made the vacation more relaxed in that we weren't able to do too much. We did one special thing each day in addition to goin got the beach, which in it's self was a treat. I will miss Hawaii.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Dudes! One day till we leave for Hawaii. Mooka laka iki! We are pumped. I am worried about Finn holding up during the flight. We borrowed a portable DVD player from Kim and Chad. THANKS GUYS! Finn will either like that or hate it. Will I be chasing him up and down the fing aisle the whole time? God I hope not. It's a 6am flight. Maybe he will sleep the whole time. HA! I really hope we get a bulkhead seat . I'll need the leg room. You know people are getting bigger throught the generations and airplane seats are getting smaller. What's up with that? Also Seattle bus seats are made for midgets. Anyway ALOHA!

T.O.T. for TOTS

Finn went trick or treating as a bear. It turns out George Lucas got the idea for the Ewoks while taking his son trick-or-treating who happened to be dressed in a similar bear suit. The plan was for us to meet up with Leo and his mom and dad for some door to door fun and then settle down to a home cooked meal. The evening started out great. All was well except for the staple that Finn picked up and got stuck in his mouth. It's just that he is really into picking up little bits and putting them in his mouth. This time it was a sharp metal staple and it stuck him good. Don't worry he got over it very quickly knowing that we were about to embark on some halloween fun. After a couple of glasses of wine we suited up and headed out. We handed Finn his trick or treat bag and a flashlight and he took hold of both with a mighty grip. I carried him to the first house and then momma did the same for the next, but quickly Finn noticed a pattern and took great interest in this strange ritual. He was driven. He went with little help, to the next house and slapped the door and when it opened he grabbed a piece of candy and dropped it in his satchel, nodded with eye contact to his host and was off to the next house. A great time was had by all.