Monday, May 05, 2008

Finn's 4th Birthday - yay!

Finn had a great party on Saturday with over 30 of his friends at The Bouncy Place. On Sunday we had a mellow day of opening presents and then spent some energy at the park so Finn could try out his new roller skates and rocket launcer!

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Michael said...

Um, I'm like Halley's Comet or some STD that'll come back every few years unannouced...ha ha...a few beers in, had to contact and search my ol' neighbors from 5011 11th AVE NE (Google f'ked up the address or I am too far gone because it's not the correct address there even if I cross referenced Dantes!). I dunno if you're gonna post this comment or just write back to me @ m k l u k a @ g m a i l . c o m

Good to see you around, older, with kids and a mortgage later, I'll look foward to hearing back from you...esp if you still got the red Civic!

Take it easy...Michael.